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Ellen Macarthur Essay

  • Submitted by: sophienicole77
  • on November 25, 2012
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How does Ellen MacArthur excite her audience in her biographical retelling?
Ellen MacArthur became famous in 2001 when she competed in the Vendee Globe solo round-the-world competition. She later wrote a biographical retelling of her journey and the troubles that she faced. MacArthur excites her audience in the retelling by using a range of literary devices such as technical language, punctuation, colloquial language, use of personal pronoun and description.
By using technical language, MacArthur manages to excite the audience by using descriptions and terms that the readers have possibly never heard of. This engages the audience by encouraging them to find out what is meant by the names she uses for the equipment that she was using on the boat. ‘By the third spreader I was exhausted; the halyard was heavier and the motion more violent. I held onto her spreader base and hung there’ is an example of where MacArthur puts her knowledge to use. MacArthur’s use of technical language shows that she is familiar with what she is talking about and knows all of the terms for equipment.
Another way MacArthur excites her audience is by her use of punctuation. Punctuation such as ellipsis, semicolons, colons and even simple commas and full stops can affect the feel of the writing. MacArthur’s use of ellipsis and full stops emphasise her writing. ‘But I realised that the halyard was tight and that it had caught on something. …I knew that if I went down to free it I would not have the energy to climb up once again’. In this sentence MacArthur uses ellipsis to create tension and in this quotation also speeds up the text along with making the reader wonder what is going to happen next.  
Colloquial language refers to the way things are said in the writer’s local area, it is a local slang. ‘The motion was worse than ever, and as I climber I thought to myself, not far now, kiddo, come on, just keep moving’. By calling herself ‘kiddo’ in this quotation, MacArthur shows the...

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