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Email Monitoring At Work Essay

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Employers are keeping a close eye on your behaviour inside and outside work. But monitoring the workforce can be bad for productivity and very bad for health.
Workforce monitoring: Studies show productivity drops when workers are monitored and worker health can be adversely affected. A US study found monitored workers suffered more depression, extreme anxiety, severe fatigue or exhaustion, strain injuries and neck problems than unmonitored workers.

"Companies like to engage in such monitoring, even though many admit that the practice elicits little or no useful information." She points to a survey of 393 firms in Canada, Europe and the United States in which firms were asked about the use and effectiveness of various surveillance practices. More than two-thirds of all firms said that searches and electronic monitoring are ineffective or counterproductive."
According to Michelle Jankanish, co-author of the ILO's workers' privacy report:

According to Michelle Jankanish, co-author of Workers' privacy: Monitoring and surveillance in the workplace, a heavyweight International Labour Office report* : "Workers' rights to privacy should be treated as a fundamental human rights issue, but the new technology can pose dangers to privacy, even as it is improving all our lives... Just because you cross the door into the employer's office, it doesn't mean you give up all your rights."
*Workers' privacy. Part II: Monitoring and surveillance in the workplace. Conditions of Work Digest, Vol.12, No.1, 1993. ILO. ISBN 92-2-108740-9.

Their use is a violation of basic human rights and dignity, and is often carried out without adequate consideration for such interests;

workplaces will look like big brothers!

"Not only does electronic monitoring have the 'potential' to adversely influence working conditions which have been shown to cause stress, but it may...

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