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Emily Diskenson Essay

  • Submitted by: dboynok
  • on November 18, 2013
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Dreaming, But Then There Is Reality
A Study of Emily Dickinson’s Poems “Heaven” is what I cannot reach and “Hope” is the thing with feathers
In this paper I will discuss my interpretations of two of Emily Dickenson’s poems, “’Heaven’ is what I cannot reach!” And “’Hope’ is the thing with feathers”. Throughout both of these poems are some items in which I found some interesting correlations to things, so let me get started.
“’Heaven’ –is what I cannot reach” (Meyer 326) is the first line that really grabs you, my first initial feelings toward this statement is this: she is talking about Heaven, in the afterlife. At first I thought the same thing but with some further thought I realized it was metaphor for perfection. I feel that almost every symbol used throughout the poem describes perfection. From “The Apple on the tree” (Meyer 326), to talking about the color contained in the clouds cruising by. First let me break down the Apple analogy. You cannot get to the apple without climbing a ladder or the tree itself. So if you have neither of these you are out of luck. Also, if you are lucky enough to actually capture the apple, then what? It will be eaten or it will rot and can simply never last either way, just like perfection.   “The Color, on the Cruising Cloud-“(Meyer 326) also leads me to my conclusion about the true meaning of this poem. The color of a cloud is simply produced by light reflecting through moisture. If there was a way possible to achieve the altitude needed to capture or touch the cloud it is simply not possible.   The fun thing about this idea is that a cloud is a thing. A real physical thing. But once touched it will dissipate or disappear. So it is a great idea to dream of it but it cannot be done. So, what if you did manage to grab a cloud? Are you going to ride it? Embrace it, love it? In any instance, you may capture it for a few seconds but once again like the apple it will disappear, just like perfection.   In another line of the poem it...

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