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Emotional Intelligence Essay

  • Submitted by: karbearfly
  • on November 24, 2012
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Emotional Intelligence
PSY 301
November 19, 2012

Emotional Intelligence
Intelligence is thought of as interpreting knowledge and uses it reasonably. An individual develop this cognitive intelligence. Some of us have more knowledge than others because we can retain it better. Then there is our common sense and how we develop socially as a person. Emotional intelligence is an important attribute to people and help us to succeed in life.
At present, intelligence is best thought of not as a single ability or attribute, but rather as a global construct encompassing many different and separate cognitive abilities (Oswalt, Dombeck, 2012). Cognitive intelligence has to do with verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract/visual reasoning, and short-term memory. The word intelligence is derived from a Latin word meaning 'cognitive process' (Manget, 2012). It can be defined as ability to adjust, ability to learn and ability to carry on abstract thinking (2012). Psychologists focused on cognitive aspects of intelligence such as memory and problem solving (2012). Emotional intelligence is how we incorporate emotional stability with our cognitive intelligence. IQ is not destiny - emotional intelligence is a different way of being smart (Wilson, 2005). It includes knowing your feelings and using them to make good decisions; managing your feelings well; motivating yourself with zeal and persistence; maintaining hope in the face of frustration; exhibiting empathy and compassion; interacting smoothly; and managing your relationships effectively (2005). Emotional intelligence is how an individual grows as a person and succeeds in life
In a person’s work life emotional intelligence incorporates critical thinking and how one deals with daily work production. Work can be stressful at times and if a person has good emotional intelligence, one can deal with the stress of his or her job. Emotional intelligence improves individual and organizational performance (Rangreji,...

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