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Employment Essay

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Below is an essay on "Employment" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Possible responses may include:
All profits or losses to be shared equally (1).
No capital withdrawal allowed (1).
If a partner leaves or dies, the partnership must be dissolved (1).
No partner can be paid a salary (1).
Sick pay cannot be paid (1).
All partners are jointly and severally liable for the debts of the
partnership (1).
Each partner is an agent of the firm making decisions on behalf of
all other partners (1).
The partners must be carrying on in business (1).
The partners must be trying to make a profit (1).
Provision is made to share profit (1).
No interest is payable on capital (1).
Partners can be indemnified for expenses (1).
All partners are jointly liable for debts (1). This means that
responsibility is shared equally for any loss the partnership
experiences (1).

The Deed will state whether or not one or all of the partners is
entitled to withdraw any of their capital at any stage within the
partnership. (1) It will specify whether it is Mike or Antonia, under
what circumstances and how much or state a % (1).
Outline the main legal provisions of the Companies Acts.
Possible responses may include:
Memorandum of Association and all it includes.
Articles of Association.
2006 Companies Act codified common law duties of directors –
so award marks for this.
Company names ending in Ltd/PLC.
Company names published on all letters/notices, cheques,
receipts and place of business.
Publish accounts each year.
£50,000 of authorised share capital

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