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Endangered Oceans Essay

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Endangered Oceans

      Imagine a summer day at the beach with your friends and family spending a day together. You pack a cooler and a lunch bag and eat in the nice, warm sand and listen to the crashing of the waves. You finish lunch and go take a nice cool dip into the ocean a couple hours later you start packing up to go home. You end up accidently you end up leaving your trash thinking maybe somebody will come by and pick it up for you. When you leave your trash it gets blown into the ocean and swept out into the big, blue sea. Incidents like these make human activities endanger our beautiful oceans.
          One of the Human Activities that endanger our oceans is overfishing. Biodiversity is threatened by overfishing which keeps the world’s oceans healthy (Carmichael 49). Having diversity in the ocean helps the ocean recover from injury, weather, and being overfished. Enabling the seas to heal requires us to protect marine areas like wildlife preserves (Carmichael 51). Overfishing has reduced the species of fish that give people jobs and food (Baha’i International Community 21). Even though fishing provides 12% of the world’s food supply, photosynthesis in the ocean provides about half the world’s oxygen replenishment and the ocean plays a crucial role in moderating the global climate (Baha’i International Community 23). As Baha’i International Community states, “Oceans, not land, are the predominate feature of the earth, and the sea creatures are the predominant form of life.” While we sit and eat seafood in a fancy restaurant the oceans our suffering from what we do and how we do it. Overfishing will eventually make our oceans bare and there will no longer be any seafood left in the ocean. Soon there will be no beautiful coral reefs that make our vacation spots so beautiful because the fish that keep our coral reefs alive will be extinct. Overfishing has caused the number of species   decline   by 50% in 50 years while the number of fish that fisherman...

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