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English Essay

  • Submitted by: annievend
  • on November 25, 2012
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My Impression on the Piece In Handel's Messiah, there are many parts to it. It is a very long piece, and I only got to hear small portions of it. Why only a small part of it? It was pretty cool to see the Orchestra and choir synchronize together. But I didn't like how long it was. The music was very cool, but it felt like a repeat over and over again. Also how the choir sang verses from the Holy Bible, that was cool. I didn't realize they were actually singing verses from the Bible. But they just kept repeating that over and over again. The same words, and I just didn't like that. but the orchestra was so cool. I noticed they're bow timing was all together, and from where I was sitting in looked like a small orchestra but they were getting a lot of sound. and the soloists were great! They had such strong voices. But sometimes I could not understand them, it was unclear. They're words got mashed together sometimes. Overall my impression was that The Messiah was pretty bad. Biographical information on the Composer. (Handel) Handel was born 1685 in Saxony. His family had no musical background but he had talent as a young boy so his father did allow him to do musical things. His talent grew so fast. When he was 8 years old he could play the organ, he started learning a few other instruments by 9 years old, when he was 10 he composed 6 sonatas. Handel studied at Hamburg, Germany. Around 1730s-1740s he suffered a setback. London's taste in music was changing. but then Handel had devoted to oratorios. Sentence does not make sense. He wrote many other things besides the Messiah based on the Old Testament. Handel got so into writing his music that sometimes he would work without food or sleep. It was possible to hear him at anytime of the day and anytime and night. Sentence doesn’t make sense. The first time the Messiah was ever pro formed

performed was in Dublin April 1742. It was great a great success. Acoustics I personally didn't think the acoustics were that great...

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