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English Essay

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  • on November 3, 2010
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For as long as poetry and other such works have been produced, war has been a common theme on which to write.   However, along with war and war poetry there has also been, though somewhat less popular, literature written opposing all that is war.   Two examples of this anti-war literature are a poem called “War is Kind” and “John Brown”, a song written by Bob Dylan.   The first was written in 1899 by Stephen Crane, and the latter was written around 1963.   Although the topic of the two is one that is not often given attention, both authors approach and direct it with skill, and cause one to wonder why it is not a more popular theme.   Although the two works were written more than half of a century apart, “War is Kind” and “John Brown” use very similar methods to deliver a powerful anti-war statement.
“War is Kind” is a poem consisting of virtually no consistent meter or rhyme pattern.   It is made up of five stanzas, three of which address certain characters.   The other two are almost like a chorus, yet they do not repeat each other in line.   The first person addressed in the first stanza is the maiden.   From the surrounding contextual clues, the audience learns that this maiden is a young woman whose lover went to war and was killed.   The second person is mentioned in the third stanza and is the “babe.”   This child is told not to weep “because [her] father tumbles in the yellow trenches” and died (13).   Lastly, the mother is mentioned, and the fact that her heart is hung on her son's shroud implies that he died while in battle, as well (24).  
A couple of phrases are repeated throughout the poem, and these phrases serve to further the overall effect of the poem.   “Do not weep” is used five times, and seems to become more satirical each time.   Similarly, “war is kind” is repeated the same number of times, and it becomes clearer each time that war most certainly is not kind, especially when followed by lines such as, “Hoarse, booming drums of the regiment, / Little...

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