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English Essay

  • Submitted by: alibertilauren
  • on November 15, 2010
  • Category: English
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Lauren Aliberti
Mrs. Dooley
English 1L1
12 November 2010
Journal Response Four
The novel, The Nanny Diaries, written by Kraus and McLaughlin is told through first person point of view by our narrator Nanny. This story probably would not have had the same effect on me as a reader if told by another character in first person. This is mainly because Nanny’s thoughts and opinions develop the story and draw the reader into the text. With Nanny as our narrator we as readers, can almost put ourselves into the position she plays. Her thoughts are so detailed that we know how she is feeling and why she feels that way.   This Novel travels deeply into Nanny’s train of thought and goes into detail about how she is treated daily by Mrs. X. Mrs. X always thinks she is doing the right thing by treating Nanny as her servant.   If for example, Mrs. X told the story through her point of view the reader would not want to read on. The story kept my attention because it was interesting to see the way Nanny was going to react to being treated in that way. If Mrs. X was telling the story it would be boring. The reader would just think that it is expected of the Nanny to act as a servant in a family’s life. However, we learn that Nannies are not supposed to be treated in that way because we have the perspective of a Nanny trying to balance her personal life with the life of essentially a “slave”. Nanny feels abused by Mrs. X as her boss, she feels as if Mrs. X doesn’t see beyond the need for Nanny in her family situation. We are only able to see that because of the use of point of view. Without Nanny as our narrator there would be a very different perspective on the situation.   I agree with McLaughlin and Kraus’s choice to make the story from Nanny’s point of view.

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