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English A Second Language Essay

  • Submitted by: fernando3gc
  • on November 18, 2010
  • Category: English
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Fernando Guzman Cordero
Kjersti Reed
English 114-504
Cause or Effect First Draft
28 September 2010

English a Second Language
Since my childhood, my dad told me that I should learn to speak English, and almost every day He insisted me, that I should learn English, so I was mentally blocked and always was very difficult to speak and understand the English language for me, to Despite having classes since high school and through college, so now there are three major reasons for learning to speak and write English, as first the interest I have now, and mentally I'm not locked, and that interesting for me to know another language, and second is to be able to speak and write English properly, and finally speak in a fluid, clear, and can convey my thoughts properly.

An important reason to learn a new language is the interest that one has to learn and we like it, so now I have more free time and I can study something, as in my childhood I could not learn the English language, and study this new language gives me personal satisfaction, happiness, and I feel very happy and I have the curiosity to learn another language with great interest, which I had not when I was child.

Secondly the ability to speak and write the English language correctly, makes me watch TV and understand what is said, allows me to communicate in my work and that on several occasions people   that I work come form United States,   and is important to communicate with them in their native language, also allows me to talk to my wife and my children, because to them it is their first language, and also read the books in my medical specialty that most are written in English and last up to write a research paper correctly in English.

And finally to be in school in English class allows me to speak English fluently, and I understand and have a proper pronunciation of a child I never had.

In conclusion to speak the English language as a second language is very important to me now as it is...

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