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English and Indian Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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During the 1600’s to 1700’s the relationship between the English and Indians changed drastically. When the English first arrived they tried to be peaceful with one. Originally Powhatan thought the English could potentially be allies, that maybe they could work together to achieve power. As problems came up regarding land, disease, and power it created tension between the English and the Indians. These problems eventually caused even greater problems that made the English and the Indians enemies.
            When the English landed in 1607 Powhatan was not thinking of the English as a threat but possibly people that he could form allies with, so that he may gain greater power. Although it was tense when the English entered their land the Indians were not resorting to violence. Things became even more tense when the Englishmen that were hungry took all the Indians food supplies. In 1610 Lord de la Warr arrived with orders from the Virginia Company, they wanted to declare war against the Indians in the Jamestown region. His troops began to destroy everything the Indians had. They were burning the Indians houses and their cornfields. This became the first Anglo-Powhatan War. In 1614 the first Anglo-Powhatan War ended when Pocahontas married the colonist John Rolfe.
            According to the Report of Edward Waterhouse in 1622, the Indians came without weapons but with food and sat down to have breakfast with the Englishmen. That same day the Indians murdered all of the Englishmen the Indians did not consider the sex of the people they were killing or the age. Which means that every man women and child were murdered? The English also brought disease into the Indians land. Bringing the disease was not intentional but worked to their advantage. The disease that the Englishmen brought over killed a large percent of the Indians which made it easier for them to take the Indians land.
            In the Second Anglo-Powhatan War the Indians were once again defeated;...

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