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English as a Global Language Essay

  • Submitted by: aheller
  • on November 17, 2013
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How does David Crystal win over so much logic and emotion from his audience? Do the rhetorical tools that Crystal uses aid in his overall success of the argument?   Crystal is the author of many books on language such as “The Gr8 Db8” which discusses text language and its impact on society. The author’s undermined approach is shown through historical context, statistics and pathos to effectively reveal the mass spread of English, and the potential impact it will have on the world.   Crystal connects with the audience to make them realize that something as simple as the language we speak, could have more of an impact on the world than ever imaginable.   The writer’s use of historical context through logos effectively portrays just what exactly causes a language to flourish. Crystal also uses statistics that pertain to logos to show the reader how far our world has come and how close we are to achieving English as a global language. Towards the end of the book, the author uses pathos with an appeal realized through unity to invite the audience to care about his argument. In “Why a Global Language,” Crystal effectively persuades the audience through his use of historical context, statistics, and pathos. Crystal’s persuasion strategy successfully develops feelings of confidence and hope within the reader that English in the near future, will become the global language.
Crystal's use of historical context through logos, strikes at the reader’s common sense by identifying the outcomes of similar situations from the past. Historical context pertains to logos, which appeal to the reader’s common sense and beliefs. This tool is important because it brings the reader to feel confident that English has been, and will continue to be, spread across the world. The author states specific examples in history that have promoted language growth and links them to the same factors pertaining to English. Crystal makes his point that "A language has traditionally become an international...

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