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English Assesment #2 Essay

  • Submitted by: TynanMorley
  • on November 23, 2012
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Assessment #2
To marry or to not marry? For love or for status?   The gentleman in Austen passage has one view on love and the gentleman in Dickens passage and another on the subject of marriage and what it stands for. Many think love is the main motivation for marriage, however the next two passages will show there are more than one reason. The gentlemen are arguing, pleading, and reasoning to get their darling to marry them. The man in Austen’s passage was passionless and has a self-centered tone. While the man in Dickens’s passage was filled with passion and had an affectionate tone. Women will react quite differently to theses two proposals for marriage. One would push away even the most affectionate to the cold-hearted woman far from marrying the man. Meanwhile the other passage could cause an uncertain woman to appreciate and desire the man more so than before.
The man in the Austen’s proposal has a tone of formal business, instead of expressing his supposed love. The woman will feel that this man is robot with no feelings. The man expects the women to see his point of view and have them have no emotions. The Austen man even sounds like a lawyer dictating his reasons for prosecuting a criminal when he is listing all of reasons of how having this marriage will be beneficial, to himself! “My reasons for marrying are, first, that I think it a right thing for every clergyman in easy circumstances (like myself) to set the example of matrimony in his parish. Secondly, that I am convinced it will add vary greatly to my happiness; and thirdly-which perhaps I ought to have mentioned earlier, that it is the particular advice and recommendation of the very noble lady whom I have the honor of calling patroness.” His motives seem like he is only marrying for social status and approval of this “noble lady.” The man seems to be trying to please the “patroness” instead of the woman he is speaking to. This would create trust issues with woman for she will always wonder about...

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