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English Bio Essay

  • Submitted by: ArtDieWolf
  • on November 18, 2013
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My name is Arthur Vaile and I was born on February 2nd, 1998.   My childhood is very blurry.   At 8 months old I had died by the causes of drowning.   All I remember about my past was that I was bullied since 1st through 7th grade, I am a survivor of suicide and that I always wanted to become a Police officer but never took action until now.
I always wanted to become a police officer when I was little. I could remember the days when I dressed up like a officer and have my parents hide one of my bears and Ill act like I was doing a house search. I was the happiest child ever, dressed as an officer and holding a fake gun at bears and handcuffing them with zip-ties. My parents always came into play when they "Steal" something and I chase them around making siren sounds and yelling out "POLICE! Get on the floor NOW!" and how I get to arrest my own parents.   It's amazing thinking back on it because now I'm proudly to say I's a California Highway Patrol Explorer Cadet and I actually do what i always wanted with the CHP.   The Feelings I had when I was little, the excitement, the rush, I just loved it when I was little. I wish life could just get as easy as it was before.
When I was in 1st grade I was bullied because I had a speaking problem. You could say it was Lisp.   Everyone bullied me, friend, family just simply everyone I knew except my very close friend Jose Lopez but now he goes by Bob.   My school life wasn't that well because of all the bullying that I was put through.   My grades however was A's and B's.   I was always shoved, kicked, pushed and always made fun of because I had Lisps.   Having lisps always held me back from doing things I wanted to do.   Like to go to a school dance for me was nearly impossible. When I reached the 8th grade I became a person I wasn't, F's and D's I was the worst student ever. Although I did fix my Lisps problem, I wasn't happy. Not until Freshman year of high school. That's when I started to have my life back, Just better.

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