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English Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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English 2210 Essay One
Oedipus the King tells a tragic story, evoking many emotions and portraying many different themes.   The most evident theme in this text is the idea of blindness; both physical and symbolic blindness.   With two major characters in the play being blind to begin with-Oedipus metaphorically and Tiresias physically- it is crucial that Oedipus the King become physically blind at the end of the narrative to be able to be compared with the blind prophet, Tiresias.   Oedipus’ journey from symbolic blindness to physical blindness allows his character to develop from an ignorant being to a king willing to take responsibility for his actions.   Tiresias’ presence in the play allows the audience to compare Oedipus to him and also to mirror the two characters.   This mirroring allows the reader a gauge by which they can acknowledge Oedipus’ progression throughout his journey.  
Oedipus’ blindness to the truth in the beginning symbolizes his ignorance.   In the opening scenes with Tiresias, Oedipus is boasting about how he saved his city from the plague and ironically, calls himself “Oedipus the ignorant” (line 451).   Although he says “ignorant” in a sarcastic manner, his attitude confirms his conclusions from the beginning that he is all-powerful and without flaw.   Oedipus is convinced over the course of the play that he is completely innocent, and could never have committed the crimes foretold by the prophecy.   He continues to be defensive when his wife, Jocasta, describes the murderers of Laius.   When she depicts the murderers as a group of people, Oedipus knows that he could not be guilty because when he murdered a man, he acted alone.   He avoids taking responsibility for the murder and proves himself by insisting, “[Creon] told [Jocasta] a whole band of them murdered Laius…I cannot be the killer.   One can’t equal many” (lines 933-935).   Oedipus’ words make it apparent that he is trying to convince himself that he could never be the murderer.   To the...

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