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English Essay

  • Submitted by: boomer23456
  • on November 18, 2013
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Comparison Essay
In the painting in Philadelphia compares and contrasts to Fredrick Douglas book in much different point of views. It compares to his book because this photo shows hard work just like throughout Douglas life. Also, is compares because all of Fredrick Douglas life he worked for African Americans to be free and in this picture it shows that. It contrasts to his book because it shows an African American owning a shop and in parts of his book it did not show that they were able to have that ability. I am going to explain how these examples compare and contrast into his book from the painting in Philadelphia.
      In the pepper pot painting in Philadelphia compares to Fredrick Douglas’s book in many different ways. For example in this photo it shows hard work and in Fredrick Douglas’s book throughout the book it showed him working hard. In the painting it shows the African American women working hard trying to keep her shop in business serving everyone that came to her shop. It made it seem like she was working hard because it was only her serving them and there was a lot of customers. In Douglas’s book it shows him doing hard work because he would do whatever it took to made is master happy. He would do whatever it took as his job as a slave to impress his master. In the pepper pot painting in Philadelphia compares to Fredrick Douglas’s life by both being hard-working.
      Fredrick Douglas’s book also compares to the pepper pot painting because throughout Douglas’s life he has looked to free all African Americans from slavery. In this painting it shows a African American women serving customers at her own shop. These have similar characteristics because Fredrick Douglas dedicated his slavery life to making it so that one day African Americans will have the same rights as everyone else in the United States. In the pepper pot painting it says that African Americans are finally free from slavery and are able to have their own company now. It also...

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