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Enhance Me Essay

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Do I Really Want a Wife?

In “I Want a Wife” Judy Brady, sarcastically discusses the “perfect” wife by equating a wife as a servant. She breaks down the duties of a wife and mother while identifying many stereotypes women fall victim to in society. Brady argues that in a conventional marriage, the roles of a wife and a husband are unequal, considering that the wife's duties are almost always more challenging than that of the husband. She effectively uses the rhetorical tools as a style in order to persuade readers why he or she should want a wife as well, and by using vivid examples of a wife’s tasks, Brady tries to convince men and women of her time to break the traditional wife stereotype.
In the essay, she doesn’t define a wife by gender, but what one spouse does for the other. She approaches the subject by stating that she is a wife, and a mother. She continues to explain how much she would like a wife, and how convenient and easy having a wife would make her life (Brady 776). Brady explains why she wants a wife by breaking down all of the benefits to the reader.
“A wife is someone who cooks, cleans, maintains your social schedule, cares for your children, has complete responsibility for all chores around the home. Allows you to relax and doesn't dare ask her husband to lift a finger once they have returned home from work. A wife is someone who doesn't argue, yet understands her husband’s emotional and physical needs. A wife does the laundry, run errands, such as shopping, paying bills and mailing letters. The wife must obtain a babysitter when needed so they can attend social functions and activities. A wife is someone who makes her husband’s life as easy as possible (Brady 775-776).”

Since a wife is typically a woman, you can tell that Brady’s essay aims to show how women are treated, especially after they get married. Brady presents a wife as a convenience, or a service that is deserved by the husband, and she does so in an incredibly sarcastic and...

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