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Ensp 703 Essay

  • Submitted by: jonasczar
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: English
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ENSP 703
At the beginning of classes in ENSP 703 I had simple goals that I want to reach, because this subjects it enhancing reading skills to improve writing abilities and improving character. First goal I want to improve my idea how to write and compose an better essay by following the basic pattern in composing essay, because this one is my weaknesses when I composing some essay it’s like a full of troubles that everyone’s cannot understand. Second one I want to improve more confidence in using the English language in daily conversations, because when I talk and speak in English like I said it’s full of troubles and it cannot understand.
For the learning in this class, I learn some many skills from our professor that he virtuous when he teaching to us and sometimes he helping us by giving much more time to review our another subject and sometimes he become strict to us when the student is not listening. For the academic skills I’ve learn a lot of topics and information’s in this course/subject. I learned in reading process, information, strategies and etc...And now I reach my second simple goal not perfectly reach but I can speak now English a little bit that they can understand. And also for the most, now I know about the meaning of my name it was from the Greek version of Hebrew and it means a Dove which known as peace.
As much as there I triumph for the same time because second simple goals that I want to reach now I reached it but not perfectly reached now it improving and I can speak English a little bit that they can understand because I improve on it through practicing it on everyday conversation on my classmates no matter what they say even if they say I’m like an going crazy but this is important thing to be an professional.
As I end this short essay, I think and I know that learning this subject ENSP 703 is very fantastic, because it develops your grammatical skills, developing your comprehensive skills in English language, enhancing your reading...

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