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Environmental Essay

  • Submitted by: jhowell23
  • on November 8, 2010
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The Impact of Hurricanes on Florida
      According to the National Hurricane Center, a hurricane releases heat energy at
a rate of 50 trillion to 200 trillion watts, which is equivalent to the energy
from exploding 10 megaton bombs every 20 minutes. With such strength, it is no
wonder why these natural disasters have such large destructive impacts on the
environment. Furthermore, hurricanes are of extreme importance to Florida, since
they have historically plagued the state, especially in 1992 with Hurricane
Andrew. Since it is certain that hurricanes will hit Florida and equally certain
that biological populations (including people) will exist in Florida, there is a
need for researching methods to coexist with these monstrous storms.
      First, to be able to create solutions to hurricane damage, experts
must understand the physical manner in which hurricanes actually cause damage.
Roger Pielke, in his hurricane book, The Hurricane, identifies four impacts of a
hurricane: storm surge, extreme winds, tornadoes, and rainfall. These impacts
are not completely separate from each other; they interact, but are different in
scope. Storm surge refers to the rapid rise of sea level as a storm approaches a
coastline. This is the biggest impact of a hurricane and accounts for 90% of
hurricane deaths (Pielke 1990). Storm surges are caused by three factors. First,
the overlying atmosphere pressure drops. Second, strong onshore winds cause a
piling up of water at the coast. Third, the decreasing sea depths as the ocean
approaches the coast causes the surge to get steeper. A storm surge of 15 feet
corresponds to a level 5 hurricane, and a surge greater than 5 feet can cause
major damage and loss of life. Since surges diminish as they move inland, surges
are mostly destructive to beaches. Extreme winds, which carry a lot of kinetic
energy, can cause significant structural damage and even endanger life with
dangerous debris. The damage of winds is...

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