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Environmental Research Paper

  • Submitted by: hcqiee
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Our world is at a rapid pace. Time means everything. We need to run to places to eat, we have no time, and we have high demands. What do we do? Due to our rapid pace of our time, our food is also on a rapid pace. Our industrial system has many effects to consumers, our food is not healthy from production, and our food contains chemicals. We have an unsustainable system with our problems. Why do we have those? Why we tend to be such in a rapid pace?
What does factories affects the consumers? Factories have bundles of affects of consumers. Industrial system nowadays affects us humans. “Our system of global food production must grapple with a sobering fact as it attempts to feed world population that continues to grow.”(pg 79, Gleissman). It is not well likely we can feed entirely out world population. Areas need resources to process food, need livestock for slaughtering or attain resources. “Food production is treated like an industrial process in which plants and animals assume the role of miniature factories: their output is maximized by supplying the appropriate inputs, their productive efficient is increased by manipulation of their genes, and the environments in which they are exist are as rigidly controlled as possible.”(page 79 Gleissman). Consumers never know what is in their food, would we know if it is process or not? Does it
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contain chemicals? How would we know all of this? Are we feeding our animals healthy or unhealthy? Yes, we do want cheap prices and bargains for our food, but our meat from factories are possibly unprocessed, yet it is so damn cheap, which leads to our health. We tend to ignore our body and eat things unhealthy like Burger King or McDonalds.
Production systems have conventional agriculture which leads to two main goals: 1) “the maximization of production” and 2) “the maximization of profit.”(page 79 Gliessman) The systems tend to ignore the fact of the consequences and no consideration of all of “ecological dynamics...

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