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Epilepsy Case Study

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Though Jessica has recurrent seizures that impact her academic success in Ms. Smith’s class, it’s not appropriate to place her in special education services because the seizures are not secondary to another disability such as mental retardation or learning disabilities. Jessica needs to remain in her regular education classroom, but there are modifications that can be made to the classroom environment and routine that can benefit Ms. Smith in dealing with Jessica’s seizures, and that will help Jessica to keep at the same pace as her peers academically and socially.
An important first step is for Ms. Smith to refer Jessica to the school psychologist for evaluation. This evaluation can determine her cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. A detailed evaluation that assesses language, memory, visual processing, attention, and executive functioning can also be helpful. Once Jessica’s general and specific strengths and weakness are determined, Ms. Smith should then try to match the curriculum and instructional approach to Jessica’s skills. Ms. Smith can collaborate with behavioral specialists, special educators, or school psychologists to develop accommodations to help Jessica succeed in class. These accommodations should be tailored to Jessica’s pattern of strengths and weaknesses. Ms. Smith might consider frequent repetition of material, redirection, cueing, memory learning strategies such as mnemonics, extra time for assignments and exams, non-timed assessments to measure performance, breaking tasks down into simpler steps, provide several brief tests instead of one long one, use a recognition format for exams rather than a recall format, test for understanding rather than specific facts. Ms. Smith can create a curriculum that repeats instructions several times or that uses a 'step-by-step' strategy for Jessica to follow. It might be helpful to ask Jessica if she would prefer to sit at the front of the class to help with concentration as well as using...

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