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Essay 1

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  • on November 23, 2012
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Chapter 6
Society and the Individual—Georg Simmel

Chapter Objectives:
      After reading and understanding this chapter, a student should be able to
        • Describe Simmel’s approach of centering the individual in social theorizing around the issues of social forms and the effects of objective culture
        • Explicate a general definition of social forms and be able to describe sociability and flirtation as examples of social forms
        • Explain exchange as a social form and the process through which value is created
        • Discuss conflict as a social form paying particular attention to the variability and functions of conflict
        • Define objective culture and be able to explain how urbanization and the use of money increases the level of objective culture
        • Identity and describe the effects of urbanization and rational group formation on the individual
        • Explain the differences between religion and the religious impulse
        • Describe the differences between understanding gender as a social construction and as an intrinsic feature of the individual
        • Discuss the intrinsic differences between males and females, how women are oppressed under objective culture, and explain Simmel’s theory for changing gender inequality

Key Concepts (listed here and under each heading in the outline): a priori; mechanical-atomistic; organic; social form; subjective and objective cultures; sociability; resonance; flirtation; exchange; value, sacrifice; absolute sacrifice; relative sacrifice; functional conflict; level of violence; dyads, triads; objective culture; urbanization; division of labor; trivialization; money; web of group affiliations; organic motivation; rational motivation; primary groups; secondary groups; normative specificity; anomie; role conflict; blasé attitude; religious impulse; objective religion; essentialism; grounded culture; commodified culture; simulacrum, hyperreality


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