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Essay 1

  • Submitted by: morgan201200
  • on November 25, 2012
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Morgan Young
ENGL 1101- MWF 10AM
Dr. E Campbell
The Power of Words
What can you do in thirty minutes? In thirty minutes, you can run a mile. in thirty minutes you can watch the first half of a football game. Thirty minutes is how long it took the Northside Eagles to sell out of tickets to the game against their cross town rivials. It’s the length of an episode of your favorite sitcom. It’s the driving distance from Warner Robins to Macon. In thirty minutes you can wash your car, and change the oil. You can make a new friend. In thirty minutes you can save a life.
Saturday November 21, 2011 2:09AM. I’m awakened by the sound of my phone buzzing. I feel the coolness of my sheets as I search blindly for my phone, after what seems like an eternity I find it snuggled under my pillow. Half conscious with one eye open I read a text from Nick. A text message I never thought I would receive: “By the time you read this, I hope to be long gone. Don’t blame yourself though Morgan…this is not your fault.”
Nick had it all. He was the one who led the team to victory year after year. He was the one to score the highest out of all of his friends on the SAT. He drove the truck all the guys envied, a lifted, sleek black ford F-150. Nick was the guy all the girls adored, including me.   He was absolutely beautiful. His skin was flawless, not a single imperfection could be spotted; his hair was the color of autumn leaves; his eyes the perfect mixture of sky blue and meadow grass green; his smile as bright as the sun with dimples that would play peek-a-boo every now and then.   He had the perfect family and the best group of friends anyone could have asked for. He was living the ideal life; or at least that’s what everyone saw on the outside.
I immediately try to call him, after thirty seconds of constant ringing I hear, “Hey it’s Nick, sorry I missed ya, but leave a message and I’ll hit cha up later”. I call over and over again, getting his voicemail each time.   I begin...

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