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A composer’s purpose and text type are integral in demonstrating conflicting perspectives. In the novel ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ (SFOC), Guterson has conveyed the ideas of race and opinion through the use of symbolism, flashbacks as well as inference. Similarly in the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ (GOT), David Benioff portrays his views on class and opinion through editing, lighting and clothing. Both composers purpose is to show the conflicting perspectives of the people in their respective environment, SFOC on the island of San Piedro, GOT on Westeros.
Perhaps the most obvious conflicting perspective within SFOC is that of race. This is most prominently show through the character of Etta Heine who refers to Japanese people as “Japs”. Guterson uses inference to show Etta makes generalisations about the Japanese “It was how they got the better of you - they acted small, thought big” (pg. 111), which emphasises her view of distrust towards Japanese people. She conflicts with her husband, Carl Sr. Heine, who views the Japanese as equals “They’re Japs,’ answered Etta......... Carl shook his head....... ‘We ain’t right together,’ he told Etta flatly.” Guterson also uses the duality of Fujiko Imada’s character to show that race isn’t a one sided issue. Fujiko harbours a similar distrust of white Americans this is shown through her use of the word “Hakujin”, which is similar to Etta’s use of the word “Jap”, and when she finds out about Hatsue’s and Ishmael’s relationship “Your sister has made a terrible mistake” (pg. 196). Both Etta’s and Fujiko’s perspectives have been shaped by their upbringing, growing up they both had little to no interaction with the other’s race and the unfamiliarity each has with the other has led them to mistrust each other’s race. This racism helps to show the conflicting perspectives within SFOC in a unique way by enabling the responder to view both sides of the racism rather than the usual idea of only identifying the racism of white Americans....

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