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University of Phoenix MGT/350
August 29, 2011

(Day I)
“Good Morning, Nik.”
“Good Morning, Alex. So what plans you have for us today?”A look of excitement crossed my face.“I thought we would take a more in depth look at how we can help the people of Kava by addressing the issues of the disaster threats, you know, things like tsunamis, typhoons, tornadoes, fires, volcanic, earthquakes, HIV/AIDS/petroleum spills, and the many risks for the avian flu. I figured we should use the mission statement from our organization, that way it will give us a better view point for what we need to do.”
“That sounds good to me.What do you have in mind?”
“Well,since the mission statement is “having the ability to provide vertically an integrated solution to our clients in a variety of industries that makes us stand out among our peers”; I think this will not only give us a great start, but it will also guide us by staying focused on the reasons we are here.”
“You know, Alex, as I was walking around yesterday, I stopped for a breather and jotted down some notes.First things first, we need to start by establishing a Human Resource Department, who’s overall responsibility would be to implement strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals. This management team will start by enlisting individuals who would like to be recruiters for certain tasks that will be required in order to get this place back in tip top shape. Also, I’d feel a lot better if we establish an organization process structure that will help keep the ethics of Kava in order.”
“Can I be one of the recruiters?”He interrupted.
“Sure man, you can take part in the ethics committee as well, because we’ll need all the help we can get.”
“I later decided that the first task we need to do is to develop a cleaning crew to get rid of all the debris that’s on the ground. Secondly, we should start by cutting down all the damaged trees, bushes, etc. and get them out the way. Let’s place them...

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