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Week Eight
Maureen Dowd published her article “Repent, Dick Cheney” on March 5, 2013.
The article begins with alliteration, which has the effect of being musical and memorable. The use of the phrase “certainly gives certainty” captivates the reader and keeps him/her interested in the rest of the article. The phrase “black eye” has a mocking tone, a diction of   , and its effect is that it conveys Cheney’s inability to give straight forward answers because of his compromised realities. Dowd continues by using a charged word. The word ‘woos,’ which usually has a positive connotation, is used in a negative manner in this context. It has the diction of flattery while having a condescending tone. It makes the reader realize that Cheney is not being genuine when he says that he was right and everyone else was wrong.
Dowd continues by discussing “The World According to Dick Cheney,” the documentary soon to appear on Showtime. She describes Cheney’s time in office as his “reign of error,” which is a reference to the “Reign of Terror,” which was a period of violence that occurred in after the French Revolution. Both eras resulted in the death of thousands under pretenses that they were “enemies.”
The next paragraph is Dowd highlighting the hypocrisy of Cheney’s disapproval of anti-Vietnam war protests when he is safe from being drafted and in school. She insists that if he paid more attention to the war instead of using justifications for war, then we wouldn’t have been “propelled … into two more Vietnams.” The phrase “two more Vietnams” is a reference to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
Dowd’s statement that the documentary “… doesn’t get to the dark heart of the matter about the man with the new heart” uses antithesis, which clarifies and defines as a result of juxtaposition. The words dark and new highlight the contrast of the documentary with reality. The phrase “new heart” also has a double meaning. It refers to both Cheney’s change of heart and his heart...

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