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Lessons Essay

Death, Death is not something that comes to ones state of mind on a daily basis, but it does creep on in once in a while tangled with fear. Death is something that watches and waits until it’s time. My name was Rosa, and this is my story; a story of how the people I loved became my predicament, the people who I loved, put me in this place that I am now. If your wondering where I am, I’m in a place where there is peace, a place where I can call paradise and home, and if you haven’t already guessed, I’m dead yes dead. Before I go into detail of how I came to be, here’s how my journey through life was cut short. It all started with two boys who are twin brothers. Since birth these two never agreed on anything, always in competition with each other. You could almost say that these twins were more like enemies than brothers. They grew up with no father figure in life, but the close-knit family they were connected to was a substitute. You now might be wondering where the mother of these twins is tied up in this story, well that is how I Rosa Carter comes rolling on in.
Daniel and Damion, those were the names I gave my two beautiful baby boys. They were my pride, my joy, my everything. Nothing could ever change the love I had for them; they were perfect in my eyes. Daniel was the oldest; he came two minutes before Damion did. Daniel was the quiet reserved one, he liked to keep to himself and he was very easy to keep up with. Damion on the other hand was the total opposite, he was the definition of a troublemaker, and he really knew how to get under your skin. While growing up, Damion would get anything and everything he would favor for, he was looked as the overachiever of the family, but for Daniel, that wasn’t the case. Daniel was the twin that was looked down upon by many, because Damion would always find some way to outshine him. He didn’t like to see his brother achieve in anything, he thrived for that ongoing praise and attention. Personalities...

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