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  • on November 9, 2010
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The Idiots, the Narcissistic Maniacs, the Whiners

I have worked with some many of these individuals in my lifetime.   “The Idiots,” can make my day very long and sometime very funny.   It is very hard to be around the “Narcissistic Maniacs,” although they are harilous to watch   but hard to be round since they are so stuck on themselves thinking they are so beautiful and better   than the rest of us. Of course we cannot leave out the “whiners,” love to complain about every little thing that they have going on in their lives.
Idiots-   Have you ever met an Idiot before? Well they can be seen all over the world.   Ironically these people are not smart, but seem to be dumb as can be.   They can be reckless or clumsy.   Believe me that’s the truth.   They don’t even comprehend much of anything that is going on around them and when you say something to them.   They look at you like “duh” what you said, so here you go repeating yourself again.   Then the worst part is they do it wrong after you told them twice how to do it.   Now that is very aggravating for you, so you might as well do the job yourself now.   Cause the Idiot can’t get it right.   You’re thinking to yourself why did I even bother with this person.   He can’t even carry on a complete conversation with me let alone do a task for me right.   So the idiots are very difficult to deal with in the work place as well as the social place they just don’t hardly fit in.

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