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Essay - a Jury of Her Peers

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  • on November 17, 2013
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The Feminine Revenge

      The story shows the independent sense of women who have forced confined beliefs of freedom because of their role in their culture and does not forbid   the aspect that they on their own hands and believe it right following the established parameters. The human is the only animal that can get attached with many animals and acquire sentimental bonds, sometimes the bonds unify and satisfy a need. The oppressed wife becomes attached to the animal, this relationship tells that the canary represents to Minnie Foster a twin soul that offers the sing and companion to her. The bird is the only thing in her unfulfilled life that eases emotional frustrations “if there had been years and years of nothing , then a bird to sing to you, it would be awful still after the bird was still” (Glaspell,14).

The reborn of the feminine opinion after a long time of patriarchal then it re-appear not for natural reason but for reasoning in their self. The individual takes conscience after a long period of time is oppressed and in a such grade that last long time ”The two women sat motionless, not looking at each other, but as if peering into something and at the same time holding back. When they spoke now it was as if they were afraid of what they were saying, but as if they could not help saying it.” (Glaspell,14). The individual have a reflective moment after the person saw a situation or make a deep reflection of his problem. Also the childhood that the person experienced could affect the time of make a reflection of the issue.

The text in self reflects justice in a genre in a way that it is right for their individuals, but leaving apart some culture and religious and nature laws, leaving alone the consequences of their actions
in a way that the society could fall or be reinforced to expect. In the religion field the lie is a sin in those times when they were wrote these texts did not have a good welcome in the religious persons, but this plot that...

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