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Essay Help Hamlet

  • Submitted by: ashraf008
  • on November 18, 2013
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Brave New World Essay Prompt
Write an essay (typed, double space, the usual MLA) for one of the following prompts in which you do all of the following:

    • Start with a title that mentions the novel and gives insight to the prompt.
    • The first paragraph should have a clever opening, a clear central idea, and thesis that outlines the major proofs.
    • Each subsequent paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence. 
    • Use ample quotes, embedding them in statements whenever possible. Remember MLA!!!
    • Paper should be a minimum of 600 words.
    • You must have at least one review meeting with a peer before turning in this paper. A completed peer review sheet will be due with your paper.

Essay Topics: Pick from one of the following prompts

  1) In Kate Chopin’s The Awakening   (1899),   protagonist Edna Pontellier is said to possess “that outward existence which conforms, the inward life which questions.”   From Brave New World, identify a character who conforms outwardly while questioning inwardly. Then write an essay in which you analyze how this tension between outward conformity and inward questioning contributes to the meaning of the work. Avoid mere plot summary. (from 2005 exam)

  2) Morally ambiguous characters—characters whose behavior discourages readers from identifying them as purely evil or purely good—are at the heart of many works of literature.  From Brave New World choose a morally ambiguous character who plays a pivotal role.  Then write an essay in which you explain how the character can be viewed as morally ambiguous and why his or her moral ambiguity is significant to the work as a whole.  Avoid mere plot summary

  3) The eighteenth-century British novelist Lawrence Sterne wrote, "Nobody, but he who has felt it, can conceive what a plaguing thing it is to have a man's mind torn asunder by two projects of equal strength, both obstinately pulling in a contrary direction at the same time."

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