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Essay On Morally Ambiguous Character

  • Submitted by: fabyainn000
  • on November 7, 2010
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Is Ralph purely evil or purely good? Or does he just play a pivotal role as a character? In the novel Lord of the Flies, Ralph is a character that can be viewed as a morally ambiguous boy that loses his innocence and learns to have faith and believe in the future even when all chances are frail, throughout the novel you get a chance to experience Ralph’s good qualities and bad, you get see him as a character with a pivotal role and learn how his role as an ambiguous character contributes to the novel.
In the beginning of the novel, Ralph has many conflicts, as he puts himself up, he thinks that since his smarter he needs all authority, and since all the other boys vote him as captain he feels superior, he then tries to act as if he’s better then Piggy, but instead by the end his proven wrong.   He then has to learn from both internal and external conflicts that occur at and make him into a better person, into a person that becomes a loyal friend, one that wants to save himself and the other boys, even though they don’t want to listen to him, everything he does he wants to save them, but make them into better boys, not act like savages. In the beginning   Ralph had a very big responsibility as the chief and   is leader of all the boys on the island, Ralph starts out showing the boys that he’s tough, he even lets himself make fun of Piggy, call him names, make him look stupid because of his weight. What Ralph doesn’t know is that soon he will need his help, and Piggy is going to be the only one standing by him, and seeing the truth, that the only way to service is in peace and order.  
Throughout the novel, Ralph learns to create a sable and peaceful society for the boys to live in, he tries to teach them the right thing, and that the fire is the only thing that can save them all, but Jack wants powers, and won’t stop until he gets it, this all tests Ralph and puts him on the spot where he has to try to keep control of everything and not lose it in the hands...

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