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Eth/316 Week 1 Individual Essay

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Week one individual assignment


Week one individual assignment

Utilitarianism is a theory of ethics that will look at things with the best interest for the majority of those involved as the ethical decision. Things can be listed out, such as pros and cons, to determine what has the best outcome for the majority of those involved in the decision making process. This method has the ability to compare and contrast different outcomes that may result from the decisions being made. The downside to this method is that intangible assets are not calculated or taken into consideration such as happiness. Things such as assets and money are the main focus of this type of ethics.
The virtue theory is almost the complete opposite of the utilitarianism theory of ethics because it focuses on the intangible assets rather that the physical assets when making an ethical decision. The virtue theory focuses on character, morals, and reputation and is therefore more personal. This theory will look at an individual’s actions involved in their decision making process and will look at their previous actions from other scenarios to determine how they deal with a problem ethically.   The downfall to this theory is that it can not consider that a person can change their morals, beliefs, or behaviors whena person’s character is not always static but can also be dynamic or have the ability to change over time.
The deontology method is different from the other two altogether. Instead of looking at an asset whether it is a person’s character like the virtue theory or a physical asset such as money like utilitarianism the deontology method will look at what duties it has to accomplish in order to be considered ethical. This theory is almost a checklist of how to be ethical step by step. A good example of this is the millitary’s “no man left behind” rule, if a soldier can not continue the mission on his own power another soldier will bring the soldier to safety because the rule...

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