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Eth 316 Week 3 Essay

  • Submitted by: Ctsassy22
  • on April 13, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Organizations provide services to a community sometimes greater than what the individual can contribute. A community’s character is often judged based upon the business and non-profits in the area. The town of Austin, TX is thought of as a progressive, forward thinking city. Aaron Franklin spent years perfecting the art of great barbeque being the child of restaurateur parents. Along with his wife Stacy, they both opened a Barbeque stand from a converted travel trailer in an open parking lot ("Franklin Barbeque: about", 2012). While this type of business is nothing new in Texas, how Aaron and Stacy chose to develop the business in a socially responsible manner has set it apart. Often in business, ethics fall second to the free market system and the pursuit of profitability. Large distribution chains, cheap labor, and production more often contribute to a system that does not reward what is best for the community. Franklin Barbeque grew while maintaining a value of ethical consumerism through recycling, limiting waste, and using ethically produces, sustainable materials. They have been able to take and reuse some items which in the end saves them money and will in turn make them more profitable. For example, they use only propane tanks and converted them into smokers and they use old dead trees as the wood to heat those smokers.
Franklin Barbeque often has a line of hungry customer’s hours before they open and most often run out of food before the customers. Ne gentleman in the video spoke that if you are not there by 9am, you are in the way back of the line! While many businesses would follow the typical economic model and seek to better match supply with demand, Aaron and his wife Stacy choose to limit waste by supplying no more than the demand even at the expense of lost sales (Liberty Mutual video, 2012). This also helps to ensure that they are offering the freshest product to their customers which in turn will drive in more business. Traditional economic...

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