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Eth 316 Week 3 Responsibility Project Essay

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The Responsibility Project


November 10, 2013

The Responsibility Project

  The Responsibility Project website has many short videos that showcase the importance of ethics; however, the one that stood out was one by a company called Greyston Bakery. The company claims to be a social enterprise which is defined to have a double bottom line; which focuses on two missions: social and profit. The social mission is done by working for and with the community. The profit mission is the goal of any business; to earn profits for their products.
      The points that stood out to me were that Greyston works with the community to give them the opportunity to gain employment; which is known as open hiring. This business mentality helps the community thrive and teaches the value of giving back to the community you live in; especially if the community members needing the help are people who have a hard time finding employment elsewhere.
      Unlike other businesses, Greyston Bakery uses their profits to put back into the community by putting their profits into the Greyson Foundation, which offers community development services such as housing and childcare services and healthcare. This foundation was set up to cycle back efforts to the community by further building up the people within the community that require help. Such help as low-income housing, childcare for working parents, and health services. These resources are invaluable to a struggling community and with a company whose purpose is to give back to their community; it can be a great assistance to building morale and confidence in community residents. This company is about serving the community, not the community serving the company as told by Julius Walls, Jr. President & CEO of Greyston Bakery.
      I believe the status and economic standing of the community is what has highly influenced the organization’s ethics and affecting what they do with their profits to further add to their bottom...

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