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Eth 316 Wk 5 Final Essay

  • Submitted by: bethf67
  • on May 23, 2013
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ETH/316 Version 2
                                    Ethics and Social Responsibility

Final Exam Essay Questions


Essay Question:   Sexual Morality & Ethical Theories
Suppose that two gay men or two lesbian women wanted to get married, what kind of argument could a Utilitarian give on the subject?   What kind of argument could a believer in Divine Command give?   What kind of argument could a Kantian give?

In 1993 Hawaii was the first state in the United States to recognize same sax marriage. With the increase of acceptance of homosexuality, same sex couples around the world are fighting for the right to marry one another and share the same benefits and responsibilities of heterosexual couples.   As of April 2013 eleven countries allow same sex couple to marry one another.   The topic of same sex marriage causes some ethical controversy between the ethical theories.

The utilitarian would believe that same sex marriage is completely ethical.   Utilitarian’s believe that greatest good for the greatest number.   If the couple, family and friends are happy, they union would be completely ethical.
Divine command theory would say that anything less than godly is not godly at all…so the divine command would be against gay marriage.
The Kantian theory believes what is natural and to Kant homosexuality is unnatural.   146/354

Essay Question:   Legal Punishment
Give 2 arguments for and 2 against the use of the death penalty, using at least two ethical approaches.   http://www.balancedpolitics.org/death_penalty.htm

The United States has often used tactics such as the death penalty to discourage potential criminals from doing bad things.   The idea is behind this is that if potential murders are threatened by the death penalty they would be less likely to commit the crime.   This theory has been tested for years and the result continues to come up as inconclusive. The results are inconclusive partially because of the lack of data.   Very...

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