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Ethical Essay

  • Submitted by: maddie6767
  • on October 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ethics Essay
Bill Morreale
Sept. 16, 2013
Darci Drury

Ethics Essay
Ethical development in society is a essential tool that defines an entire culture. This paper will compare and contrast the differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological and address the ethical and morality of each theory. Lastly, how do these theories relate into a our personal experiences.
It is important to understand each theory before you compare and contrast them to each other.   Virtue theory is defined as cultivating excellence in life and constituting an aspect of "good person" (Boylan, 2009). Utilitarianism is a theory that suggests that an action is morally right when the action produces more total utility for the group than any other alternative   (Boylan, 2009). Lastly, Deontological focuses on the moral or duties, that help make the correct moral choices. You need to be able to understand your moral duties and rules to be able to regulate the duties.   All the theories focuses on the good in people, how people strive for excellence and the justified good.   Differences between the theories are the ethics and morality. Virtue describes character and cultivating "excellence in all we do" (Boylan, 2009). It is difficult to strive for excellence and deciding the important life choice decision. Utilitarianism addresses ethical and morality issues with the balance of good over the bad consequences. When associating the moralities within the theories it is explained as "the greatest good for the number" (Boylan, 2009). Deontological ethics is the a person's loyalty of their moral duties. Individuals strive for goodness in their lives and others and in turn promotes an end state of moral institution. ( Boylan, 2009)
In our personal experiences we run into choices that need to me made,   we need to think about what is ethically and morally correct. Individuals will make choices and decisions upon what they were taught. In my experiences I have grown to...

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