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Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: wsibanda
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Guidelines for the interpretation of a Gobbet
In the examination, there will be no word limit, but you will need to write an interpretation in one hour.   You should take into consideration the following points:
  1. Intention: Part of your purpose is to understand why the text was produced.   What was the author’s background and what did he/she wish to convey?

  2. Understanding: You need to remember that the author’s intention and your actual reading of the text will not directly correspond.   In what ways do you ‘see’ things differently from the author?   How might different readers in different times see this text differently?

  3. Context: In what context was the text written, and how does that influence its content?

  4.   Literature: What has been written in the present day that might inform the content of this text?   What do we know – if anything – about the era or subject under study?

  5. Meaning and significance.   What were the meaning and significance of this text to the people of its own time, and what are its meaning and significance for a present-day audience?   What is the relevance of this text to present-day nurses?   What can we learn from it?

In the examination, you will be expected to write about ONE of the gobbets below. In the exam on the 12th November, you will be given an excerpt from the gobbets below – NOT THE WHOLE PIECE OF TEXT.   You are strongly recommended to write on the gobbet related to your field of nursing.

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