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Ethics and Objectivism Essay

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Objectivism and Ethics in the Business World
Nicole Genovaldi
Walden University

This paper will discuss the objectivism view regarding ethics. This paper will explain how the objectivism view on ethics affects business. In conclusion, I will also critique the objectivism view of ethics varies from the traditional view of ethics.

Objectivism and Ethics in the Business World

Before this course, I never really thought much about my own views regarding the topic of ethics. After researching objectivism in regards to ethics in business, I now understand how objectivism varies from traditional ethics. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the philosophy of objectivism and ethics in the business world. I will also critique the how objectivism view of ethics varies from the traditional view of ethics.

Objective values are values that are chosen by a person individually. People that follow objectivism will make decisions that benefit them in the long run. “The objective theory of value always keeps in mind the questions: of value to whom? And for what purpose? According to the objectivist ethics, man ought to always be the beneficiary of his own actions…” (McGee, 1992, p. 80) People who follow the objectivism view of ethics will make decisions that will ultimately benefit them in all business decisions.
The United States economy is a capitalistic, free market. Capitalism gives people the ability to take risks that they chose. The United States is built on the premise that people are able to pursue their own dreams in business and make their own money. The success of the United States was not based on trying to be self-sacrificing to others but by trying to pave your own path and make your own fortunes. In a capitalist economy, people chose who they do business with. People will do business with another person for the mutual benefit of both parties involved. (Rand, 1967)
“The cardinal values of Objectivism are Reason, Purpose, and Self....

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