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Ethics Class Essay

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Week Three: The Critical Thinking Process
Individual Assignment
Tammy McCarthy

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This week we are looking into refining our ideas from our last week’s assignment. In last week’s assignment, I was thinking of ways and ideas to spend more time with my children, either free or cheaply. It just seems like more and more these days, children are spending less time at home or with their parents. I thought by spending more time together, that we could remain a close knit family. As children get older it becomes increasingly harder to try and please them. I know one obstacle I have with my teenage daughters is that they think I do not understand them. They forget I was young once also. I think now though is an important time for us to be spending together, so that I can help them turn into upstanding young women.
Although I was able to come up with a number of ideas, what I was not thinking about was what to the girls like to do too. It is somewhat difficult when your oldest goes to school, works and plays video games, my middle daughter just became a teenager and is into hair, make-up, and boys, and then my youngest daughter who is eight and is into dolls, bike riding and reading new stories. So now in order to make my plan happen, of me spending more time with the girls, we have to sit down and find stuff that we all like to do.
Ever since all the girls were little, we were always involved in hiking, fishing and camping. Those are all summer time activities and now winter is shortly upon us and those will not work. So after careful consideration of my original plan, I have narrowed it down to what can I do this winter with the girls, even if it has to be separately. In the summer time there are more options, but now with everyone working or in school, are schedules are difficult. The plan now is how I can spend quality time with my children during the winter months.
My first order of business will be to sit each girl down separately and...

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