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Ethics Essay

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  • on November 3, 2014
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ETH 316

Week One: Ethics Essay

There are three main methods that you could discuss with regards to normative morals. These are utilitarianism, deontological and virtue morals. What utilitarianism focuses on is what happens as an outcome of certain events. Deontology emphasizes responsibility. Then there are virtue morals, in which ethical character, also known as virtues, is called into play. They are also known as character morals.

When someone is looking at their life through the virtue morals method, then they will typically start to classify everything in their life into different groups and classes. These classifications will help them to determine the way they value things in their life, and what they decide to do and in which path they determine they will follow.   This method provides a model for a great life.

Then you reach deontology. With deontological morals, you focus on the ethical principles surrounding an individual’s daily activities. This is where you determine your personal morals and what you deem to be correct or incorrect. Deontology is considered to be the exact opposite of consequentialism. In deontology, any violations come directly from the type of event that is being discussed, whereas in consequentialism, the actual outcome is what is important. An example of this is would be if you had a person that considered themselves to be a deontologist, and they would think that murdering someone would be wrong to do because it would take away the life of an innocent person. A consequentialist, however, would think that murder is wrong because it would bring hardships to the household of the person that had been killed.

Utilitarianism is a specific type of consequentialism. This is where the ethical and moral value of an event is from the outcome that comes about. Utilitarianism describes that the activities that we participate in are only correct in a moral...

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