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Ethnic Groups And Discrimination Essay

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  • on November 1, 2010
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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination – African Americans
Axia College
ETH/125 Cultural Diversity

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination – African Americans
I am a member of the African American ethnic group.   African Americans were one of the only groups of people, besides Native Americans, that were actually brought here to be enslaved.   Our people did not choose to immigrate to America to have a better life.   (Schaefer, 92) We had no choice in the matter.   This enslavement lasted from around 1619 to 1865.   The first slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia.   During which time, African Americans were indentured servants.   They had to work to pay off debts to the English settlers.   Once their service was up, they were released.   Blacks were forced into slavery once the English settlers realized that they had freed up most of their servants.   Slavery was initially made legal in Massachusetts in 1641 (African American History).
Eventually, the northern states began to abolish slavery, while the southern states held on to it.   Pennsylvania was the first state to abolish slavery in 1780.   The international slave trade was abolished by Congress in 1808.   Finally in 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.   This freed the slaves in the south.   In 1865, the 13th amendment to the Constitution was ratified to forbid any slavery in the United States and in 1868 African-Americans were given full citizenship.   Blacks gained the right to vote in 1870.   Despite the fact that slavery had been abolished, problems still persisted for African Americans of that era and although some things changed, many of the issues still exist today (African American History).
African Americans continued to face prejudice, segregation, and racism.   After the civil war, Democrats would stop at nothing to take away the African Americans’ right to vote.   Excessive violence and massacres occurred, killing many blacks before the upcoming election. The...

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