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Eve Abstract Essay

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  • on November 16, 2010
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Zimmerman, Shari A. "American Imago." Milton's "Paradise Lost": Eve's Struggle For Identity 38.3 (1981): 247-67. Print.

Shari Zimmerman contends that Eve is more complex than the vain figure that is depicted in John Milton's Paradise Lost. He suggests that the figure that is largely responsible for the fall is someone who is viewed through a biased, androcentric lens. Zimmerman believes that Eve's struggles for a separate, independent self was instrumental in her fatal decision to eat the fruit that led to humanity's ruin. To gain a better sense of who Eve is, Zimmerman examines two conflicting sides of Eve's psyche—her want to be a part of Adam's world, as well as her want to be apart from Adam's world. Zimmerman examines the mirroring scene in Book 4 to gain insight on how Eve's sense of identity came to fruition. Zimmerman also brings attention to Eve's subtle and not-so-subtle rejections of Adam's physical advances to demonstrate how she struggles to forge a sense of self in a phallocentric world. Further, Zimmerman argues that Satan's whisperings in Eve's dream is highly instrumental in her desire to separate from Adam. Another detail in Eve's struggle for separation from Adam is her desire to “divide the labors” of tending their garden.   Ultimately, Zimmerman offers another perspective in which to view humanity's general mother, one that is separate from the tint of male bias.

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