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Events Leading to the Revolutionary War Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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There were many events that led up to the American Revolutionary War, but some events were more key than others. These major events that caused America’s break from England included the Stamp Act, and the Coercive Acts. Both of these acts were vital in causing American people to feel that England no longer had the authority to govern them, and that they should be recognized as their own country.
In 1765 Parliament passed the Stamp Act. This Act put a tax on more than fifty items, including pamphlets, newspapers, playing cards, and dice. This caused a strong protest among the colonies, the colonists claiming that it was an internal taz designed only to raise revenue and therefore it was unlawful for Parliament to levy. During the protest, the Stamp Act Congress was created; it was a group of colonists that met in New York City in order to gather to protest. Nine of the thirteen colonies petitioned the king, and organized a boycott that eventually helped to force the repeal of the tax. Being able to gather and stand up to Parliament like this was a major step to the colonies being able to break away from control of England. They proved to themselves and the rest of the world that they had the capability of functioning as their own country.
Another key event during the American revolutionary period was the passing of the Coercive Acts. These were British actions that were placed on Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party. The acts included closing the port of Boston, revoking Massachusetts charter, trying ass British colonial officials accused of misdeeds outside the colony, and the housing of British troops in private dwellings. These acts became known to the colonists as the Intolerable Acts, and they cause the meeting of the First Continental Congress. Taking action against these unfair punishments caused the colonies to meet as a whole, and once again rise up again England in order to defend what they felt was right. The Intolerable Acts brought the country...

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