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Everglades Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Sabrina Andrews

The Everglades is a National Park located in America. This National Park is in Florida and it is an ecosystem that’s sizes is over “two million acres” (XXX). The Everglades is surrounded by human development. There are three major cities that are located around this National Park, names being: Orlando FL, Miami FL, and Ft. Lauderdale FL. The Everglades is home to many different species. There are numerous amounts of animal, reptiles, bird and plants.   This National park reaches from “Central Florida all the way down to the Florida Bay” (XXX). The Everglades was determined a National Park on “May 30th, 1934” (XXX). This proposal was initialized by “Ernest F. Coe”, and approved on “May 25th, 1934 by President Roosevelt.
This ecosystem consists of hundreds of different species. Exotic animals and Native animals exist in the Everglades. Humans bring foreign species into the everglades.   For Example, “the Florida largemouth bass shares its nest beds with Tilapia and Oscars, fish Imported” (XXX). Trees also have been Imported, the native trees to the environment consist of “mangroves and cypress trees” (XXX), these trees are being replaced “with exotic species from other countries” (XXX). The species already existing all basically follow the “circle of life” concept, all the species feed off of the other species in the environment.
Humans are a huge threat to the Everglades. As mentioned prior, many cities exist in the surrounding of the everglades.   “Ever since the 1800’s the everglades landscape has been altered by humans” (XXX). The size of the Everglades has been “decreased dramatically” (XXX) comparing it to the initial size that it started off at. The everglades are the main source of “drinking water for south FL” (XXX). Damaging the Everglades in return damages all of south Florida’s drinking water. The constant construction going on around the Everglades is not healthy for the environment.   Just the fact...

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