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Evolution of Organizations Essay

  • Submitted by: markre
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Evolution of organizations
Mark Reis
November 25, 2012
Coretta Nelson

Evolution of organizations
      For centuries formal organizations, employees and employers have been taught to sustain the same past traditions. Many things have changed from the types of organizations and types of jobs, to how these jobs were finished. For centuries organizations operated with what we call a conventional bureaucracy. A conventional bureaucracy is known for what we see as many levels on a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid the person or group of people has authority those lower on the pyramid have less authority, those at the bottom, the hard working, every day people have no authority at all. There were many challenges that these organizations faced. Hard work has always been appreciated through the years within these organizations. In past years work was done with back breaking labor and now with the advancement of technology many, but not all work has been replaced with technology devices and more creativity. Unlike family traditions that we learn from generation to generation, but how we operate today’s organizations and the organizations of the future will be nothing like our ancestor’s operated.

      With modern technology advancements, the way we work has become much easier for us, than in the past. In the past the way organizations attended their jobs was the same from generation to generation, handed down, traditional. The work was done but with no new or creative ideas, these employees felt that they were in dead end jobs. Something that past generations lacked that is very important to most people’s everyday lives today is technology we have access to on a daily bases. Today, as the technology has evolved so has the way formal organizations are able to keep records via databases on computers. Formal organizations that have to interact with clients or other organization are able to interact via satellite with conference calls, in contrast to the...

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