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Evolutionary History Of Bananas Essay

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Evolutionary History of The Banana Family and Angiosperms

The banana family more formally known as Musaceae is a flowering plant or angiosperm(http://theseedsite.co.uk/musaceae.html). This family and group have many distinct characteristics that makes them able to be classified. The life cycle, dispersal mechanisms, physical form, time period, and many other characteristics are all contributing factors to the classification of this particular family.
Musaceae are a part of the angiosperm group of plants that are mainly characterized by the flowering part of the plant. The main characteristics of angiosperms are flowers, stamens, closed carpels, and endosperm. The earliest dated fossil of an angiosperm is calculated to be 125 million years ago in the cretaceous period (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flowering_plant). The majority of angiosperms really started to appear about 100 million years ago in the mid-cretaceous period. Angiosperms have been dominant ever since, they are the most advanced plant group in virtually every way. The physical features of the angiosperm are what really sets them apart. The flowers are made up of petals and stamens and function as the reproductive organs. Stamens are the male reproductive organs of a flower; they are comprised of a stalk, an anther, and pollen sacs. Angiosperm stamens are lighter and more adapted than corresponding gymnosperm organs.   The closed carpel develops into the fruit, which serves as an attractant to animals that will disperse the seeds. This is another advantage for angiosperms compared to other plant groups.   Endosperm is a tissue that contains nutrients for the embryo, seedling, and cotyledons. It helps protect and provide nutrition for the seedling.   The life cycle of angiosperms is pretty similar to the life cycle of gymnosperms with a few significant differences. Gametophytes of angiosperms are physically smaller. The microgametophyte of the pollen grain only has three cells, and in the ovule the...

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