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Examining Government Regulations Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Examining Government Regulations
Jennifer Richardson
November 4, 2012
Melvin Greene
Living with any type of disability can be difficult; however, the deaf population in America faces a unique challenge when trying to pursue the American dream: finding a job. Upon researching contemporary problems within the United States, It was discovered that gaining and keeping employment among the estimated one million functionally deaf individuals in America is one of the larger problems that the deaf community faces. The reasons that this is such a large obstacle are that the deaf communication within a work place is vital to ensuring successful completion of task and accomplishing goals. Programs have been introduced, to assist these individuals in not only gaining employment, but also in maintaining a healthy and happy work environment that can lead to career longevity.
The first step to ensuring open channels of communications among both the deaf and hearing communities is to form a standard of education. After Arizona entered the Union in February of 1912, one of its first state legislatures enacted a provision to form the Arizona Schools or the deaf and the Blind, 2011). Starting classes in October of that year with hearing loss, the school continued to grow over the years to eventually become a public corporation. This school has many services for eligible students; including early childhood and family education, to athletics, and even career and technical education. This program was introduced through the legislature to assist the deaf and hard of hearing in living a normal life just like any other person, while still fulfilling individual needs required by their disability.
Education on the part of the individual alone is not enough to ensure that the path to employment is successful. The next step is for potential employers to be educated on these matters as well. Employers already know of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), along with laws...

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