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Example Outline

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  • on November 24, 2012
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General goal: I want to inform my audience the amazing facts about birds.

Specific goal: I would like to inform my audience the amazing facts and features about birds and its importance.

Thesis statement: Since the ancient times, pigeon has become the messenger meanwhile ostrich become as a transportation for human civilization. They are varies from each others based on their level of activity and there is a lot of amazing facts about birds.

Introduction :

    I. Tobacco is scientifically known as Nicotiana tabacum.

    II. Tobacco is grown in warm climates with rich, well-drained soil.

  III. Tobacco is produced through 3 stages which are seeding, transplanting, and finally


    IV. I am here to explain how tobacco cultivation harmed the environment and lead to



    I. Tobacco cultivation involves the clearance of vast area of forest to be prepared for the

      tobacco plantation.

    A. This statement is supported by the a fact which is:

        1. Around 600 million trees are cut down every year to produce tobacco products.

( Transitions: I have inform you the first fact on how tobacco cultivation harmed the environment, and now I will explain the second fact )

    II. The harvesting stages which is the final steps in producing tobacco involve the using

      of vast number of tree to be used as fuel to be burned to ensure tobacco leaves rapidly


    A. This statement is supported by the a fact which is:

        1. Tobacco must be cured (dried), to preserve it for storage, transport and processing

        2. In Brazil, the 200,000 tobacco-growing families use an average of 3 kilograms of wood to cure 1 kilogram of tobacco.

( Transition: Now I will explain the present scenario of tobacco cultivation in the worlwide )

  III. Globally, tobacco is cultivated in many regions around the world and can be legally purchased in all countries....

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