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Existentialism Essay

  • Submitted by: rayrayray1994
  • on November 24, 2012
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World views are ever changing. As society began to shift into a more modernized era, philosophies flowed from naturalism to nihilism and, eventually, into existentialism.   Existentialism was a philosophy that put control into the hands of humanity. It was a belief that bestowed responsibility to an individual to find his or her meaning in life.   It was their job to find their purpose. However, the trials of life such as sorrow, boredom, alienation and tragedy, beat down the existentialists. Because of the troubles of the world, existentialists believed that the sorrows would always overcome the joys and that meaning in life was irrelevant.   The world was always going to attack purpose and meaning with its pain and sufferings.   No matter what was happening at the moment, the outcome would always be the same: trials would always defeat life’s purpose.   The existentialistic view was a very depressing philosophy that, unfortunately, gripped the attention of many people. One person who expressed existentialistic philosophy was the author Albert Camus, writer of The Plague.   It was throughout his tragic story, The Plague, that Camus presented an accurate picture of what the common existentialist’s beliefs were.   Through the turmoil and suffering of Bernard Rieux, Father Paneloux, and the elderly Spaniard of The Plague, a clear picture of the existentialistic philosophy was exemplified.
    Throughout the story of The Plague, the story is documented from the point of view of Dr. Bernard Rieux. Dr. Rieux the doctor of Oran, an atheist, and a man set on fighting against the absurdity of the world! He makes it his greatest fight to defeat the plague. However, throughout the entire battle, Rieux has no true hope that the disease will be defeated. He has set his mind to believe that the worst will happen. He tries to prevent and help people affected by the disease, but he does it, not out of hope that it will affect the outcome, but because it is simply his occupation, his...

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