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Experience As An Outsider Essay

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  • on October 27, 2010
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Terry Leslie Wulff
En 101a
Final draft
Experience as an outside
The loud honk of an SUV truck and kids running and yelling with excitement in the back yard of the house woke me out of my slumber. That was the first time I had ever travelled to Nigeria to visit a childhood best friend. Being distracted from my sleep made me upset and confused, thinking about what was happening around me. Suddenly my best friend ran up to me as I laid in a comfortable position on his queens sized bed in one of the guest rooms. He yelled “can you come with me?” the chief is home, we need to go welcome him into the house”, I jumped out of bed with a confused look on my face and asked him who the chief was. He then told me it was a tradition to call the male breadwinner of the house “chief,” just to show respect. This was my first time experiencing the Nigerian way of life, and it made me feel like an outsider. They showed so much respect to their dad, had different views on religion, and lastly, how they ate their traditional food.
In the Nigerian culture showing respect to the man of the house was strictly imposed, and my best friend, who I’ve known to be someone who really doesn’t care about rules and authorities, surprised me by putting his pride aside and abiding by the rules in the house. He and his two other brothers with their sister and mother lined up in front of the door waiting for the entry of their father. Suddenly, all I could see was that they all bowed down before
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his feet to greet him back from his journey, be it work or traveling. There stood their father who was about 6 feet tall with a potbelly and had different types of beads on his neck. He had a big smile on his face when he saw the whole family before his feet. They stayed on their knees till their dad blessed them by tapping their heads, which also meant they were being released to continue with their activities. With a confused look on my face on whether to go on my knees to greet him....

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